Frequently Asked Questions

For Image buyers

The downloadable image links expire after 48 hours.

For package details have a word with our executive

It’s important to understand that the copyright of your image always rests with you. The ownership never transfers. We simply license the right to use your image by charging a license fee. This amount is then shared between you and PakStockPhoto.

Getting onboard with us isn’t that difficult. All you need is good photography skills, a DSLR camera and be at least 18 years of age. Click the “Sell your work” text on our home page to get yourself registered by entering your details. To become a contribution you will need to submit three quality images for our team to assess your skills. Your status will be notified via an email. Once you get the green signal from us, you simply login to the system, accept the terms and conditions and TADA! You’re now a contributor to PakStockPhoto. Tips to get selected We assess pictures on following criteria: - Three different images to see the variety of subjects you cover e.g. people, lifestyle, landscape or object. - Creative talent – your skills in using angles, focus, filters, depth of field & composition. - Images must have Pakistan as a subject. - High-resolution- appropriate lightning, free from blur, dust or scratches. - All images must be shot using a minimum 8MP digital camera, ideally a DSLR camera.

For Photographers/Contributors

PSP is unique in the way Pakistani lifestyle is unique. There’s a side to discover about Pakistani people, culture, diversity and their way of life. Our images tell these stories. Advertising agencies are always struggling for good and high resolution pictures on a regular basis and sourcing better quality local images is difficult not to mention costly. PSP is a local user’s dream as it provides images that are easy to search and use.

Your purchase and download information is stored in your account.

Buying an image with PSP is as simple as ABC. Add your selected image to the cart, choose your payment method and proceed. We will send you an email on your registered address with a downloadable link of the image.

The cost of images varies by resolution and varies between 850 Rs to 5,500 Rs. We’ve created an easy to understand table to help.

Stock image is an image taken by professional photographer, curated by our team and made available for creative use. The collection has pictures of historic places, landmarks, people, travel destinations, food, public places, events and many other categories. This saves designers and bloggers the hassle of hiring a photographer, by picking up a suitable image from the stock gallery that fits their project’s need and also compensates the photographers for their work.

To create your account hit the join button at the top right corner of the screen and fill in the form. You will get an email with a link for account confirmation. Just click on the link and Voila! Your account is confirmed.

Absolutely not, any images purchased will be free of watermarks.

Surely we do. You can chose to pay through cheque, bank transfer or cash on delivery.

Absolutely! We understand that operating in a multi-cultural country there are some constraints and rules we must abide by. Our Quality Assurance team regulates the submissions and doesn’t accept images that incite conflict or is against any taboo.

We respect our ties with the society and are morally obliged to give back and support the needy communities. We see PakStockPhoto as a humanitarian brand with social concerns. Therefore we will be forwarding a part of our proceedings to Al-Shifa Hospital as an attempt to provide the gift of vision to everyone.